Katie WalshComment

Hello my name is Katie; I am the founder of the Octavia Project.

My inspiration for starting Octavia came from my partner Matt and his incredible love for Football (Soccer). He had asked me if I was able to make him a t-shirt with a print on the front, which honored his favorite football team players.

Whilst attempting to make several t-shirt prints for Matt, I discovered how much I loved silk screening and printing on fabric in general.

I began researching methods and trying more experimental designs. I took a local, short course in screen-printing and eventually after 12 months of non-stop perfecting I finally felt I was ready to show the world my abilities in printing.

I was always very practical when I was younger and seemed to be painting anything I could get close to. Needless to say my favorite childhood TV show was always ART ATTACK! For those who remember it! My mother would teach me how to sew, knit and do lots of other crafts and we had lots of clothing we would up-cycle in to something new and improved!

I have now come of age and my passion for creating something unique and handmade is still very much alive. Matt has been ever so patience, whilst I engaged myself in several hours of printing and sewing from the small corner in my living room!

I really hope you like the products I am going to present on this website. You will soon be able to purchase them to! Many of the products are limited editions. So if you like something contact me quick it before it gets a new home.

Take a look at the gallery of some the products I recently made, I look forward to adding lots more!