Octavia began in 2011 with a little lady from England exploring Canada.

Screen Printing

Many of the products produced by Octavia are silk screened by hand. Within a small home based studio, created from hand drawings, digital artwork to the final print on to paper or fabric everything is completed under one roof.

The Story so far...

After moving from England to Canada in early 2011, I decided to put my passion for creativity to the test. I made handmade gifts for friends and family back in England of Canadian inspired experiences.

Now settled in the West end of Toronto, I like to use many of my evenings and weekends to print new unique patterns and styles which I create into various different hand made items from home decor cushions and wall prints to multi-use gifts.



Who ever said it was easy to make your own designs? Well it's not but it's lots of fun and challenges along the way! Each one of the products has had lots of elbow grease applied to making it on to our shelves! A lot of the products are silk-screened or lino block printed and we love to sew and create unique items!

When I was younger my mother taught me how to sew, knit and crochet. I enjoyed using mixed media to create random items. My passion for creating hand made items really bloomed when I began silk screening. 

My partner Matthew inspired and invested in a small start up kit realizing my commitment to the art form and since then I have never looked back on silk screening.

My home based studio is brimming with hand drawn designs, fabric cuts and various tools to get the creativity flowing.

My inspiration for various patterns and prints, like many artists the environment you surround yourself will contribute to your art. I have used Toronto neighbourhoods, unique buildings and unusual street signage to create unique and one of a kind pieces.